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The OASU Data Center (CeDONA) is a federative structure between the various laboratories and teams of the OASU. Its structuring role reinforces, through the sharing of technologies and skills, the national and international visibility of projects in teams. Its structure and organization ensure the cohesion of services. Its goal is to meet international standards for data availability, to provide value-added services on these data, to enroll in national and international infrastructures, for the thematic areas addressed in the OASU teams. The OASU Data Center allows the exploitation of the data produced by the research of its components.

Broadcasting Services

  • ACN

    The AstroChemical Newsletter is a monthly compilation of recently accepted publications in the field of astrochemistry (astrophysical observations and modeling as well as theoretical and experimental chemical-physics related to astronomical environments). Contact : Pierre Gratier (LAB).

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    SeaDataNet is the Pan-‐European infrastructure for Ocean and Marine multidisciplinary data. Within the SeaDataCloud Project, 4 DataBases (CYTOBASE, SOMLIT, RESOMAR PELAGOS, RESOMAR BENTHOS) will be connected to this international central portal. Contact Y. Del Amo (EPOC).

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    ODATIS aims to be the single point of entry for ocean observation data access in order to promote and facilitate the use of observations made in the ocean or at its interface with other environments. Contact S. Schmidt (EPOC).

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    Gaia GraL is a database of known multiply-imaged quasars by gravitational lensing and of strong candidates recently identified in the Gaia DR2. This database contains numerous astrometric, photometric information as well as redshift information (when available). For lens candidates not yet validated by spectroscopy a probability information is available. Contact : Christine Ducourant (LAB).

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    LANDEX focuses on the formation and fate of Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA), related to air quality or climate. Biogenic SOA, produced primarily by the condensation process of vegetation-derived volatile organic compound oxidation products, accounts for a substantial fraction of the overall organic aerosol. Forests are therefore prime contributors to the formation of SOAs. Contact : P.M. Flaud (EPOC).

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