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DYNALIT, is a French national observation network (certified in 2014) focusing on nearshore and shoreline dynamics. DYNALIT is in charge of collecting various nearshore data (morphological data and hydrodynamic data essentially) at 36 field areas situated in various environments along the French coast (including the islands).

Scientific scopes:
  • Measuring nearshore and shoreline dynamics
  • Coordination : Patrick Charlot (OASU)
  • Providing further insight regarding :
      The morphodynamic: the interactions between the hydro-sedimentary processes and the morphological evolution
      The variety of morphological responses regarding the different environments (sandy beaches, estuaries, cliffs…)
  • Providing further insight regarding natural versus human drive factors.
  • https://www.dynalit.fr/
  • Coordination Nationale : Bruno Castelle (EPOC/OASU) : bruno.castelle [at] u-bordeaux.fr
  • Contact Local : Nadia Senechal (EPOC/OASU) : nadia.senechal [at ] u-bordeaux.fr

Data are collected using various methods regardig the different environments and measured parameters (e.g. current meter, DGPS surveys, Lidar, Video system, Aerial photogrammetry…). Examples of measured parameters/indicators are 

  • The morphology: shoreline proxy, ground elevation…
  • Suspended Matters
  • Hydrodynamics parameters (sea level, waves…)
OASU Implication

OASU is in charge of 9 field areas: Pointe d’Arçay, Pointe de Gatseau, Pointe de la Coubre, estuaire de la Gironde, Truc Vert, Biscarrosse, Anglet and Socoa. OASU is also in charge of the National coordination in collaboration with IUEM.


DYNALIT brings together 120 people originating from 22 Universities, the French National Research Institute (CNRS).